CubeBox Time Lapse Camera System

Most advanced time lapse camera system designed for efficiency

CubeBox Time Lapse Camera System is a professional's choice. Dedicated for short-term and long-term time lapse projects with instant live photo image viewing over the secure web browser.

CubeBox Time Lapse Camera System

CubeBox RB Timelapse Camera

Always Possible Solution

CubeBox Time Lapse Camera System is a versatile time lapse camera system made for both indoor and outdoor time lapse filming. Mounted with Prefix CubeBox in-house developed RB controller to control and sync DSLR camera images instantly over 3G/4G mobile internet. With separated designs for camera casing and battery system, this provides easy customizing installation needs for every location

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CubeBox Timelapse Specialist

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CubeBox Main Server

How CubeBox Server Works?

CubeBox Time Lapse Web Server is a custom built Secure Web Server System that supports CubeBox Time Lapse Camera in daily operations
CubeBox Time Lapse Mobile App allow users to view images instantly though their mobile device

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CubeBox Time-Lapse Web View

CubeBox Web Server

CubeBox Time lapse web server application provides user secure and friendly web browsing experience.

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CubeBox Timelapse Demo
CubeBox Timelapse Photography - City Gate

Our Installations

CubeBox Time Lapse provides planning, installation, solution and support in Singapore for our customers.
Time-Lapse projects done by CubeBox

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CubeBox Timelapse Camera Planning

Time Lapse Planning & Installation

Every project is different. Before commencing, it is important to understand every unique project and plan for the outcome. CubeBox Specialist follow 4-step protocol for time lapse filming

Planning, Preparation, Installation, Editing

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Many years of capturing time lapse for construction sites, events and massive vessel traveling across the oceans.

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Frequent Q&A Questions

Mission in Time Lapse Filming

CubeBox Time Lapse Camera System makes this stressful work easy without the hassle to collect footage from site and worry about loss of footage.

As CubeBox Time Lapse Specialist, our main focus is making every time lapse the best of the best. Filming short-term time lapse video like events which take days or construction time lapse projects that last several years by using CubeBox Time Lapse Camera System and Web Service as a platform. CubeBox Time Lapse Camera System provide users a whole new experience in time lapse filming.

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