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CubeBox Time Lapse Camera System

Prefix is Singapore only dedicated time-lapse production company. Founded on 2018, Prefix is the creator and manufactures for CubeBox Time lapse camera system and CubeBox Time lapse Web Server.
An advanced Time Lapse camera system designed for efficiency

In 2018, Prefix Pte Ltd was formed. Dedicated for time lapse photography and converting into a time lapse video, after many years of discovering countless technical failures and heavy duties in time lapse development process, we needed something more powerful and reliable system. A system protocol that is not too complex yet runs with high performance with ease. After researching and developing for a solid solution in time lapse filming, we have successful created CubeBox Time lapse Camera and CubeBox Server System.

CubeBox Time lapse Camera System is an advanced Time Lapse Camera System designed for efficiency. Dedicated for photo taking short-term and long-term Time Lapse projects. Supported with CubeBox Server System that allows multitasking core features for CubeBox Web Server for instant viewing and pairing with CubeBox Backup Server for image safe keeping.

We know very well the importance of documenting customer’s projects that requires long duration process. With all this in mind, we created all the functions and programs needed for data security, instant live viewing, worldwide web browser viewing, mobile phone viewing, low power consumption, automated restart, automated photo syncing, easy setup web page, and many more.

CubeBox Time lapse Camera, CubeBox Server System, CubeBox Backup Server will meet the market demands for time lapse production.

Prefix creates and manufactures the components for CubeBox Time lapse Camera System. Our professional dedicated time lapse team are trained to install, setup, programme support and system maintenance on the CubeBox time-lapse camera system. Prefix post production teams have been carefully selected to produce the best for time lapse editing process and delivering with high qualities.


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