CubeBox Time Lapse Camera

CubeBox Time Lapse Camera System is a professional's choice system. Specially dedicated for filming short-term and long-term projects round the clock.

CubeBox RB Timelapse Camera

CubeBox Time Lapse Camera System is designed and built specially for short and long durations. CubeBox Time-Lapse System can be powered by multiple supply sources like AC, Solar and standalone 12v batteries. It comes with a 3G/4G data dongle, just insert a data mobile sim card and its ready to sync photo images throughout. Powered by CubeBox Battery system which will keep the camera running.

Built with powder coating metal, provides a weather resistant towards the haste weather conditions. A Sun Hood prevent birds dropping on the front lens and keep the system sheltered and cooling even under blazing sun. A preinstall cooling fan is ready for extreme weather in the dessert. CubeBox Time Lapse System has been tested to the extreme, it will last through as long the batteries can handle the condition.

With no prefect time lapse system in the world, CubeBox designs and developed an easy user friendly system to help customize their needs to meet the usage at different locations, tackling complex solutions and challenges various type of weather conditions.

CubeBox Time Lapse Camera Parts

CubeBox RB Controller

CubeBox Time lapse system is intergraded with our latest RB controller technology. Connection by Wifi to the RB, all setting done though one web browser over your mobile phone.
RB controller controls the DSLR camera for snapping photo and sync photo image instantly out of the system though 3G/4G mobile network or LAN cable internet network. After fully sync of image, RB controller will remove the image from its storage.

RB controller features technology of automatic running, automatic restart after power failure, friendly setup page, FTP, SFTP, WiFi and lan connection, 3G/4G connection, USB storage for offline, private network storage.

Learn More about CubeBox RB

CubeBox Timelapse Camera RB Controller
DSLR Camera

Time Lapse DSLR Camera

CubeBox Time Lapse Camera System uses only Canon DSLR camera for primary set up. Featuring 24 megapixel high resolution, enhances the image quality ranging from 4K to 6K. Zooming into photos with clarity is no longer an issue for submission and post-production.

Case Mounting Bracket

CubeBox Time lapse casing come with a special built casing mounting bracket. This small and strong bracket allow the casing to pan 360⁰ all round, tilt 60⁰ forward and 60⁰ backward and a Roll that can rotate the casing 60⁰ left and right. This helps to get the image aligned correctly on the frame needed.

CubeBox Timelapse Camera System Mounting Bracket
CubeBox Timelapse Camera Casing Cable Inlet

Casing Cable Inlet

By default, CubeBox Time Lapse System only comes with a DC supply and connection. CubeBox is always ready for other types of connection and types of power supply.

CubeBox casing comes with:
- 3 cable inlet
- x1 M16 2-pin waterproof connector for DC connection
- x1 M16 3-pin waterproof connector fot AC connection
- x1 PG16 cable fland for LAN cable or other cables

Contact us for other power supply source if you wish to cuztomize your CubeBox Time Lapse System.

Casing Fan Outlet

CubeBox Time lapse casing is pre-mounted with one cooling fan. This fan is not turned on by default.

To use the cooling fan for extreme hot weather
(50 ⁰C and above) or locations that may cause the system to overheat, remove the cover plate and screw the fan back in place. Then plug in the 2.5mm connector inside the system and the fan will start.

CubeBox Timelapse Camera Casing Fan Outlet
CubeBox Timelapse Camera System Power Switch

Power Switch

To power up the CubeBox Time Lapse System, switch on the on/off button inside the case.
The RB Controller and the camera will power up.

To keep it simple, all power converters that are used to activate the devices are easily changeable.

Contact us for spare parts if it happens to be damaged.

CubeBox Battery System

CubeBox System operates on a 12v DC supply. CubeBox has created a battery system with 3 different sizes to choose from.
Almost every SLA battery in the market are able to be used on our battery system, this provided easy replacement of batteries for long running projects.

A Standard CubeBox 40 battery system mounted with a fully charged 32ah SLA battery can operate the camera system for 7 days. (With data sync turned off)

CubeBox Battery System comes with a 12v 40 watt solar panel for solar charging and a 20amp 12v solar charger. End users can customize the needs for their location, examples include increasing the number of solar panels up to 240 watts max for charging or using a bigger amp battery.

See SLA Battery Recommendation to learn more.

CubeBox Timelapse Camera Battery System
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