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Time Lapse Editing

PreFix CubeBox Time Lapse video editing includes a compilation of time lapse photos together by converting them into a video format and rendering them out monthly. The video will contain all images from the start of the project till current status.

The time-lapse video will be rendered out into HD 1080 progressive Quicktime or H264 MP4 formats that are the best video quality for viewing in any video player whether you are using Windows or Mac platform.

Editing can get more complex if you have multiple camera setups in your project. But the end video can look nice as the event are seen happening from multiple different angles.

Colour temperatures also play an important part for photo images captured from adverse weather conditions. At Prefix CubeBox, our editors are able to adjust the colour looks of the video to match from one day to another, creating a smooth transition between a warmth sunny day and bright blue skies.

After Effects

Every individual editor has their own preference, step by step and multiple software to edit their own time lapse sequence. At Prefix CubeBox, our time lapse post editing specialist performs a unique and long process of compiling monthly time lapse photos to the final result of delivering time lapse videos to customers’ requirements for submission and showcase. CubeBox Time lapse Server is program to organize the time lapse photos into proper naming files for each images according to date and time that the photo was taken. Each photos will be automatically placed into individual monthly folders. This is to create less confusion of each individual photos that belongs to the correct month. A slight detail of misplacing one image in the wrong month category will cause a huge effect during editing process.

Importing all the monthly folders into the rendering software and to will create a main composition timeline to insert each monthly photos. The monthly photos will be created as a video layer clip in the timeline. Once the timeline sequence is then laid out according to the time lapse category, it will be needed to render into either a Quicktime or H264 formats. These two are the best solutions for video playback in high resolution quality.

When the time lapse video been rendered out, we using Adobe Premier Pro to trim out the unwanted clips in the timeline such as rainy weather, blurry images and non-working days. When the time lapse videos are trimmed and smoothen, the video will need to be polished with more excitement by adding music, applying colour grading to enhance the beautiful images and inserting texts details for project purposes and logo animations for the finishing touch. A completed version time lapse videos will be ready for the final delivery.

CubeBox Timelapse Render Service

With the engagement of CubeBox Web Server Service, every month your project will be render into H264 video format for safe keep and kept ready for final editing.

CubeBox will stack all the monthly render videos into a secured off server storage until the completion of the project. Once the project site is completed, our editor will compile all monthly render videos together and perform a final time lapse editing.

End User may wish to edit their own final video. At CubeBox, we do provide the raw image or raw render file to end user upon request.

After Effects Rendering