Frequent Questions


Q. What type of camera does the CubeBox RB camera system use?
A. CubeBox RB system only comes with a Canon DSLR Camera. The default camera model used is Canon 800D with 10-18mm lens.

Q. Can I change or order the system with a camera from another brand?
A. CubeBox does not provide the system with other camera models. You may order the system without the camera and then use the camera of your choice. Do note that not all brands are compatible with our RB controller. Do contact us before your purchase if you're using another camera brand.

Q. Can I use a Canon full-frame camera with the CubeBox RB camera system?
A. Sorry, nope. CubeBox RB is built for a medium sized camera body. For full-frame and bigger sized cameras, you may get the CubeBox CB model system. CubeBox CB is built for full-frame camera body and lens, no bigger than 78mm in diameter.

Q. My camera's USB port is spoilt but the camera is still working, can I use it with the CubeBox RB?
A. Sorry, nope. The RB controller uses the USB port to communicate with the camera.

Q. Can I use the CubeBox RB system and run the camera by manual triggering with an interval meter?
A. Yes, you can.

Q. Can I use ND filter on the lens with CubeBox RB Camera System?
A. Yes, you can. Use a screw-on ND filter on the lens.

Q. Can I use a third-party lens with an adaptor for Canon?
A. Yes, as long as the full camera body with the lens does not exceed 170mm in total length.


Q. What is the power supply that comes with the CubeBox package?
A. All CubeBox package comes with a battery system. Seal Lead Acid Battery is not included.

Q. Why is the battery not included? It is stated on the E-store page.
A. SLA batteries are available in almost every country, and we do not include the battery because of international air freight shipping restrictions against SLA batteries.

Q. How do I know which type of SLA battery to get in my country?
A. Kindly check our Battery Recommendation list. You should be able to get the battery from a battery shop in your country as it is normally used in cars.

Q. Can I use my own battery system and not CubeBox battery system?
A. Yes, you can. Only available when you purchase from our e-store under "system only" category. CubeBox AC system can run on both AC supply and a supplied battery of your own.

Q. Why must I contact CubeBox if I want to purchase the Lithium System?
A. This is due to Lithium Battery Restrictions Worldwide. We will require more information from you about your country and state before we can decide if your country allows the shipment of the lithium-ion battery system.

Q. Can I purchase the Lithium System without the battery and install the lithium battery myself?
A. Yes, you can. CubeBox is open to customer's system customization. Do contact us if you need to customize the system. If you are providing your own lithium battery, do inform us so we can advise you on the size limit.

Q. What is the power consumption of the CubeBox Time Lapse Camera System?
A. Normal usage including image syncing will take 5 watts of power at 12vdc.

Q. Can I use the LAN port for POE power supply?
A. Sorry, nope. The LAN port is not for POE supply. The RB controller will not start.


Q. How does the RB Controller connect to the network?
A. There are 3 ways RB controller connects to the network. 3G/4G hotspot, Wi-Fi USB dongles or LAN cable.

Q. Then what is the RB's internal Wi-Fi for?
A. RB internal Wi-Fi is used for RB settings configuration only and does not have internet access.

Q. Can I use the CubeBox Time Lapse System on a private network or NAS storage without internet access?
A. Yes, you can. For setting up the RB to sync to a NAS storage, kindly refer to Learn More about CubeBox RB setup.

Q. How can I connect to mobile data on CubeBox?
A. CubeBox time-lapse system comes with a mobile sim device. Insert a data sim card into the device and power up the system. RB controller will auto-connect to the device for internet connection.

Q. What happens if my RB is having connection issues?
A. If you face a connection issue with the RB controller, please contact us and we will advise you on the issue. Most issues can be resolved online through our Secure Programming Terminal (SPT).

Q. Can I connect the CubeBox time-lapse system to a long-range WiFi device?
A. Yes, you can. Just use the LAN port on the RB controller for the connection. Do note that the LAN port is not for POE supply.

Q. Can I connect the mobile device with internet and connect the Lan port for Lan networking?
A. No, you cannot. With both mobile internet and LAN port connected with different network, this will create an IP conflict on the RB controller.


Q. What type of storage does the CubeBox server provide?
A. CubeBox server provides a worry-free storage server for our CubeBox Time Lapse system. With engagement of CubeBox Web service. you will enjoy free storage space, free backup of image of your projects synced from the CubeBox Time-Lapse system.

Q. How do I recover my image from the CubeBox server when my service end?
A. CubeBox will send all the raw images to you in a Hard Disk Drive by approving shipping method of CubeBox policy. We will safely keep the backup copy until you receive the original copy.

Q. Can I store the images on an external USB storage device?
A. Yes you can. The RB controller USB port is ready for this connection. Plugin a USB thumb drive or a USB Hard disk drive and set the save location in the settings page. Learn more about RB controller.

Q. Can I store the image onboard the system and still have the live image viewing on CubeBox server web browser page?
A. No. CubeBox server is a online storage. If you do not sync the image to CubeBox server, the server cannot provide the image viewing online.

Q. Why is there no image on the CubeBox time lapse system when I engage the service for CubeBox web service?
A. When the image is completely synced out to the CubeBox server, the RB controller will automatically delete the image from a temporary folder.

Q. Where will the image be stored when the internet is down on the system?
A. The RB controller will store the image in its internal storage if internet is down. When internet connection comes back online, it will resume to sync the images back to the server. Do take note that RB controller internal storage is only 10GB. If the storage is full, RB will stop taking new photos until existing images has been synced out.

Q. Can I expand the internal storage of the RB controller?
A. No. You cannot expand the internal storage it’s already the max.


Q. What temperature can the CubeBox Timelapse System handle?
A. CubeBox Timelapse Camera System can handle temperatures between -0⁰C to +60⁰C.

Q. What about the CubeBox Battery System?
A. The CubeBox Battery System can handle temperatures between -0⁰C to +60⁰C.

Q. Can CubeBox be used in the dessert with extreme heat day in and day out?
A. Yes, CubeBox can handle the heat with the cooling fan turned on.

Q. What's the working temperature inside the casing?
A. This depends on the environment that the system is running inside, there are no actual readings tested for this. Our RB Controller produces very little heat when running. We recommend turning on the cooling fan if the area is warm and hot.

Q. Can CubeBox Time-lapse run in a snowy country?
A. Yes, it can. You must apply a good power supply source to provide sufficient power for the system. Batteries and Solar power may not work well in a snowy country.

Q. Can I install CubeBox Time-lapse system in a confined space such as a glass room?
A. Yes, you can. But do take note of the room temperature. If the confined space's temperature rise above 60⁰C, the camera will shut down due to overheat even if the cooling fan is on.

Q. Can I install the system out in the sun for a few years of filming?
A. Yes, you can. CubeBox is built for running long-term under the sun.

Mobile View

Q. How can I download the mobile viewing app?
A. You can download the app from the Google Play store page. ( CubeBox Timelapse )

Q. Can I download the app to Apple iPhone or IOS devices?
A. No. CubeBox mobile app only supports Android 7 OS and above, it does not support IOS. You can still use IOS Safari and login through the web browser for the image viewing on your IOS mobile phone.

Q. Can I view other dates image in the app?
A. No. The mobile app only allows viewing the day image from the mobile device. This is because images loading from other dates will take up massive amounts of data from your mobile plan.

Q. Can I download an image of the day from the Mobile App?
A. Yes, you can download the image by Press and Hold on to the image. The download button will pop out, tap on the download image. Do allow CubeBox Timelapse to access photos, media and flies on your device and the image will be saved to your mobile device instantly.

Q. I forget my login ID and Password, can I reset it from the Mobile App?
A. No. To reset your Login ID and Password you need to use the web site browser from your computer to reset it.

If this FAQ did not answer your question, do contact us and let us know your question