CubeBox Time Lapse Web Page Login

CubeBox friendly time lapse web view allow CubeBox user to browse their time lapse image of the site instantly at anytime from their computer web browsers or mobile devices. With the optional selection of dates and time, user are able to view back early dates of time-lapse images and downloading an image with a click of the download button. The timeline scrolling bar lets user scroll through the whole day of footages taken from site.

Simply go to our website at and click on "CUBEBOX LOGIN" located at the top right of the page.

Before you can login to the secure web view, you will need a User ID and Password that will be issued to you when you sign up for CubeBox Web Service with the purchase of the CubeBox Timelapse Camera

No User ID and Password? Click here to try out our demo page

Quick Start Guide

CubeBox Timelapse Web Login

CubeBox Time Lapse login page, input your User ID and Password (that you already have registered).

CubeBox Timelapse Web Project Page

After login, you will see the project page with the time lapse project that you have with CubeBox Timelapse.

Select the project that you wish to view.

On the time lapse viewer page, users are able to use the various controls of the viewer to see the time and day of photo images taken from the camera on site.

Users are able to quickly view any time of day of an image by scrolling back and forth on the timeline bar located at the bottom of the time lapse viewer. The time of day is displayed right below the center image.

CubeBox Timelapse Web Timeline Viewing
CubeBox Timelapse Web User Download

To download the current photo image, click on the "Download Image" button on the bottom right of the image.

Users can use this image for presentation, project submissions and project reports or safe keeping.

If there are more than one camera installed on site, users may select the camera to view by using the "Camera Select" option at the top of the time lapse viewer and then click "View Images".

To view an earlier date of photo images, click on the date and select your desired date to view using the calender and click "View Date".

CubeBox Timelapse Camera Select CubeBox Timelapse Camera Date Select
CubeBox Timelapse Camera Web Logout

To log out from the web view, simply click the log out icon located on the top right corner of the page.

If you wish to view your other projects, simply click the "Project" button on the top left of the page.

Learn More in CubeBox User Manual