RB Controller User Guide

Setting up of RB controller. The following step by step user guide will go through the setting for the RB controller to filming Timelapse. Setting for sync of the image to server FTP, saving image on USB and setting for private network without internet access.


After installation of the CubeBox time-lapse camera at the location to filming the time-lapse, power up the Time-lapse camera by switch on the switch inside the casing. The switch LED light will turn on. Power up the mobile device if your system comes with a hotspot device type.

RB Inside On

Mobile data device that comes with the Cubebox may be different model and type for use in a different country, some country may come with USB Mobile dongle and some will come with mobile hotspot device.

Connect to the RB controller with your Mobile phone or Tablet using WiFi search.
Locate and Connect to "RB-CUBE-SETUP" (SSID)

Upon connecting to the RB Setting WiFi, open up a web browser on your device and input the default setup address on the search bar: "" and click search.

The setup page will load on your device as below:

RB Login

Input the System ID and Password in the blank and click login.

For first time login, we strongly recommend you to change the password for safety issues.
You may change the password after you successfully log into the RB controller via web browser.

System ID and Password for each system may not be the same, Please check the label on the RB controller for System ID and Password when you receive the system.
If you lost your System ID and Password, please
contact us.

Upon successful login, RB control panel will load the setup page on your device:

RB Controller Panel

The setup panel icon usages as following:

Before moving to the settings page, it’s important to check the Network setting to confirm that the network that’s going to be used is connected. RB Controller supports USB dongles WiFi, 3G/4G dongles, mobile hotspot, and LAN cable connections.


*Please take note for network connection on the RB controller. As the device is open to few types of network connection like USB port connection and LAN connection. RB controller can only work with one DHCP network at a time. In event that 2 DHCP network was connected to the RB controller. Example like mobile data connected by WiFi and LAN cable connected with an internet router, RB controller will have an IP conflict and will stop working.

On the Settings Page, there are 3 available configurations:

  1. Remote Server
  2. Save to USB
  3. Capture Interval
RB Settings

*After user has input all the setting configuration, click “save and reboot”. RB will restart and the setting will be lock on the RB controller. After the reboot, log in to the RB controller control panel page, click Start Timelapse and the Timelapse capture will begin. In power failure and RB controller shut down, once the power resume back. RB controller will start up by itself and resume capture image as per setting that’s lock on the controller.

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