CubeBox Time Lapse Server System

CubeBox Web Server is specially customized and programed for CubeBox time lapse camera filming operation. CubeBox Web server provide user with online user login, instant image Web viewing, Web image storage, Mobile device viewing and automatically backup image to off server storage.

CubeBox Timelapse Camera Diagram

CubeBox Time lapse camera RB controller encrypt capturing images and syncing through internet to CubeBox Web Server. CubeBox Web Server program decrypts the images encryption and save the photo images on its storage. Upon decryption, user will be able to view the image on the web viewer immediately.

Back to back operation, CubeBox Web server automatically encrypts and transfer all images to CubeBox server backup storage. Upon receiving the images, CubeBox server backup storage will automatically decrypt and save the images in an internal network RAID 5 NAS storage.

CubeBox Specialist will manually perform weekly archive of images onto 2 TB Hard Disk Drive for each project and store off the network for safe keeping. Safe guarding time lapse project images are top priority. With abundance layers of internet security lay over the process of image transfer and storage, users can feel safe for their image with us.

Globally Access

Users able to access the CubeBox Time lapse image Viewer through both CubeBox website Login and CubeBox Timelapse Mobile App. CubeBox Web server provider users viewing and downloading image for the entire time lapse in timeline sequence from the day it started till the latest image. Available anywhere with internet access.

Image Transfer Security

CubeBox server uses 256 bit SSL encryption on all its data transfer. It is one of the most secure encryption methods used in most modern encryption.

CubeBox Web server to CubeBox server storage uses SFTP a secure version of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) which facilitates data access and data transfer over a Secure Shell (SSH) data stream. It is part of the SSH Protocol or known as SSH File Transfer Protocol.

Backup Storage 1,2,3

Backup 1 - CubeBox Web server store all Time lapse image on the server storage.

Backup 2 - CubeBox server backup storage is a computer that’s work hand in hand with the CubeBox Web server to encrypt and decrypt image during the transfer of image. CubeBox server backup using a Raid 5 NAS storage system as storage drive and backup image from the Web server storage.

Backup 3 – Manually back up the image by individual 2TB Hard Disk Drive for each project and store all archive image off network and off server backup storage.

At the end of project with CubeBox, this backup Hard Disk Drive will be delivery to user.

Graphics Card Storage

CubeBox Web Login

Mobile Instant Viewing

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  • User Login with ID and Password
  • Timeline image viewing
  • Instant image downloading

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  • User Login with ID and Password
  • Timeline image viewing
  • Instant image downloading

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