CubeBox Service

Our CubeBox Timelapse System has been developed over the years from several complex methods to easy and user friendly. Before our time-lapse system can begin, it is important to plan out the production logistics and approvals first so that we can start our workflow.



At this planning phase, our time-lapse Production crew requires a key feature subject that needs to be frame in the video and plus the surrounding detail area nearby, example any power supply, the height of the subject that needs to be frame, etc.

Once every factors considered, our time-lapse system will set up on a suitable location at site factoring permits, obstructions and power cable source. The cameras will be mounted, manually set, then sync directly to our server and begin time-lapse operation. When the time-lapse installation is complete, we will provide customers with the ID and password on how to login into our server through the websites. We will also provide a simple step by step manual instructions of operating our safe and secured server.



After the installation, the camera will continuously snap base on the pre-set settings by the user. The photo data will automatically synchronize and transfer out to directly to our server system.

Customers will also receive personal access IDs and passwords to privately to view the on-going time-lapse project. Customers are able to remotely check the time and date, scrolling back and forth our time-lapse system live from our Server System website.

There are two ways of accessing into our server through desktop website and downloadable mobile app, only available for android users.


Server Rack

CubeBox Time-lapse Server System collects all the time-lapse photo data from site, compiled and organised into details. The time-lapse photos will be categorized into monthly folders, timing and yearly. Once that is done, the data will transfer out copies and backups to our multiple RAID storage for safe and secured archiving. Unwanted photos like bad weather rain drops and blurry images will be removed from our storage.

CubeBox Timelapse server is also where customers will be issued with personal IDs and Passwords to distribute 5 account users to access into the safe and secured website to view the time-lapse photo progress updated every hour.


Edit Timeline After Effects

CubeBox Timelapse provides compilation of the time-lapse photos together converting them into a video platform and render out monthly.

The time-lapse videos will be render out into 1080 progressive Quicktime or H264 MP4 formats that are best video quality for viewing in any video player whether you are using Windows or Mac platform.


Delivery Package

Once the video has been exported out and checked through, CubeBox Timelapse will deliver the video package to customers through web transfer.

Our time-lapse server also archives all the project files when the case is closed. Customers will also be given a copy of the raw video time-lapse for company personal use.

Our Server System provides the support and tools to document your company’s needs.

Check out our CubeBox Camera for more details.