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Web View User Manual

Welcome to CubeBox Web viewing service for your Timelapse filming.
CubeBox Web viewing User manual will explain the web viewing page setting, User ID, Password reset, image viewing and image downloading.
If you do need more information, kindly drop us an email at


Upon receiving the registration email from CubeBox Web Server at (,
use a web browser and search for our web site address (

CubeBox Timelapse 2

Click on CUBEBOX Login icon on the top right bar to access the CubeBox Web server login page.

CubeBox Timelapse 3

On the login page, input the User ID which normally is your email address and the first time login password that’s is send to your by the CubeBox Web server email.

Click the login icon to Login to the server.

CubeBox Timelapse 4

For first time login, we strongly recommend you to change the password for safety issue.

To change the Login default password, click the change password ICON on the right corner of the projects page.

CubeBox Timelapse 5

Key in the new password and click Set password. If you chose not to change at that moment, you may click on the left Project icon and return to Project page.

Changing of Login password can be done only after the login page.
*Please remember your password after you reset it. If you lost your password, please look below for how to reset the password.

After setting the new password, click on the left corner icon (Project) to return back to the Project page.

CubeBox Timelapse 6

On the Project page, select the project you wish to view by clicking on the project photo. If you have more than one project with CubeBox system, the time-lapse Project will be reflected on this page.
*The loading will take a while depending on the network speed and amount of footage of the project. Please do not click any others icon until the loading is done.

CubeBox Timelapse 7

On the viewing page, the viewing page will load the latest photo upon login.
Select the camera that you wish to view by clicking the drop-down icon.

* Any project that installed with more than one camera, you will need to select which camera to view its footage. By default, it will load camera 1 on this page.

CubeBox Timelapse 8

To get an early dated photo, click on the drop-down icon beside the Date. Select a date from the calendar and click View Date to view footage from the selected date

CubeBox Timelapse 9

Each page holds only one day of footage.
To view the footage of the earlier time, slide the timeline bar at the bottom of the page.
You may also use the 2 arrow sign on the left and right to go to the timeline.

CubeBox Timelapse 10

To download the view photo, click the Download image icon. The image will download to your PC or mobile device that you login with.

CubeBox Timelapse 11

To return back to the project page click the Project icon on the top left side of the page to return.

CubeBox Timelapse 12

To log out, kindly click the Logout icon on the top right.

*Please remember to log out every time after viewing to prevent un-official login by others. The CubeBox Web server will automatically log out a user after 10 min of non-attending. You will need to re-login again if that happens.

Lost of password / Reset of password

If you lost the password or could not remember it, follow these steps.

To reset your Login password,
Log in to the Login page from webpage.

CubeBox Timelapse 13

Click on "I forgot my password" below the login form.

CubeBox Timelapse 14

On the Password reset page, input your registered email address with CubeBox Web server and click the Request Password.

CubeBox Web server will issue a new password for this user by the registered email.

After the user received the reset password email, we strongly recommend you to change the password for safety issue.

Do feedback to us if the information here could not answer your needs.

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