Mobile Instant Viewing

If you are away from your desktop and need to access the time lapse system, CubeBox Time lapse Mobile application allows you to easily tap into the time lapse system server and view your project through user mobile devices while on the go.

Users can login the same ID and password from the desktop, the login application will automatically bring up to view the latest photo that was taken. Just like viewing on the desktop.

If there is faulty on the camera on site, our technicians will be the first to receive the notification and respond to the location.

*This mobile application is only supported for Android(Nougat) and above.

Download CubeBox Timelapse Mobile App


* Swipe to scroll the timeline bar

* View the latest photo taken

* Check the time of day the photo was taken

* Select a different camera to view

* Press and hold to download photos
(grant storage permission)

CubeBox Timelapse Mobile View
CubeBox Timelapse App

How to download?

1. Simply access to Google Play Store and search CubeBox Timelapse

2. Install the app

3. Run the CubeBox Timelapse app

4. Allow the app to access your device storage

With the CubeBox Timelapse Mobile app, you won't have to worry about leaving your desktop or laptop behind to view your time lapse project.

Once you have opened the app, a login page will appear in your screen.

Key in your ID and Password and press the Login button.

The ID and Password is the issued credentials you use for the web view.

CubeBox Timelapse App Login
CubeBox Timelapse Mobile View

Now you can view your time lapse latest photos by scrolling through the orange timeline bar located at the bottom of the screen. Or you can press either left or right arrows indicated in the screen to flip the next or previous time lapse photo image.

This is a great way to present, showcase and even keeping yourself up to date of the time lapse progress without actually traveling down to the site.

CubeBox Timelapse Mobile Cam Select

If your time lapse project has more than one CubeBox Time lapse cameras set up, the Cam Select Button that is located on the top left corner of the screen, allows you to choose a different camera view.

Once you have selected another camera view, you are able to perform the same scrolling or tapping previous/next individual photo images.

CubeBox Timelapse Mobile Download

You can also download the image by Press and Hold on to the individual photo. The download button will pop out and tap on the download. Do allow CubeBox Timelapse to access photos, media and flies on your device and the image will be saved to your mobile device instantly.